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japanese beetle swarms are worse than ever this year

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Until the mid 1990s, student housing was virtually ignored by

American Campus Communities

SummaryMany colleges and universities outsource their food services and bookstores, so outsourcing their student housing isn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem.

Campus Housing REITs provide a modern, purpose built product at comparable price points to obsolete existing product. creates significant cheap Canada Goose opportunity for campus housing REITs. Until the mid 1990s, student housing was virtually ignored by property developers, who failed to see the opportunities to replace traditional dorms built in the canada goose clearance sale 1950s to 1970s. According to Bill Bayless, CEO of (ACC):

«Most universities only provide housing for 20% of their students, traditionally freshmen. They force them out after that into off campus housing, often dilapidated buildings owned by absentee landlords.»

For campus housing REITs, like American Campus, modernization is opportunity. Many colleges and universities outsource their food services and bookstores, so outsourcing their student housing isn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem.

Campus Housing REITs provide a modern, purpose built product at comparable price points to obsolete existing product. Modernizing student housing has mostly taken the form of canada goose clearance new development, although some markets have buildings that can be renovated to meet student needs. As Bayless explains:

«Student housing isn’t just about real estate, it’s about creating an environment for academic achievement.»

College students appreciate living in an impeccably maintained class A community Canada Goose Outlet and they respond positively to management’s organized alcohol free events and zero tolerance policies for property damage. While some investors have expressed concern that rising tuition costs and the availability of online education could slow demand for new student housing, developers maintain that those issues are not having an impact.

At four year public universities, 40% of students graduate with no debt, and of those graduating with debt, the average student loan balance is only $26,800. The annual average in state tuition costs at canada goose replica the 61 public universities served by American Campus is $10,000 and student loan default rates remain low, at less than half of levels from two decades ago.

When I was in college many buy canada goose jacket moons ago I lived in a cinderblock dorm room with three roommates and a communal bathroom. It was a lot like «Animal House» in that there were no campus life amenities, and my sole luxury accommodation was having cable TV.

Today, college housing is canada goose coats on sale like living in a four star hotel with resort style swimming pools, tanning salons, fitness centers, canada goose sand volleyball courts, fire pits, cafes with wood burning fireplaces, and bedrooms with walk in closets and private baths. I just dropped off my daughter (as sophomore at Presbyterian College) and I told her,

«College Is Cool, It’s No Longer Old School.»

Photo Credit

American Campus «Consolidator» has capitalized on the opportunities in the industry, with over $9 billion of external growth since its IPO. It is the largest campus housing REIT (since 2008) in the US, and the company owns 168 student housing properties containing approximately 103,000 beds. Since its IPO in 2005, Canada Goose Coats On Sale ACC has grown from 16 to 168 properties, while generating average annual same store NOI growth of 4.2%.

The growth in the specialty campus housing sector is canada goose coats driven by strong demographic trends primarily college enrollment trends. Between 2009 and 2020, college enrollment is projected to increase by 13% to canadian goose jacket approximately 23 million students.

The strong demand for campus housing is driven by an increase in the number of students attending college and the fact that many college students take longer than four years to finish college. ACC’s current market share is Canada Goose sale 5%, suggesting the company has substantial opportunity to grow the platform. The company has achieved 12 consecutive years of internal growth in same store rental rate, rental revenue, and NOI:

American Campus’s risk adjusted same store NOI growth is the highest among both the student housing and apartment sector peers since going public:

American Campus’s Tier 1 canada goose deals markets provide stability and opportunity for growth through modernization. Its target market composition is as follows:

4 year public flagship institutions with enrollment exceeding 15,000 students. Addressable market of approximately 6.1 million students at 255 schools. The markets exhibit consistent annual enrollment growth of 1 2% and an insufficient supply base.

Student housing is highly fragmented and still in its infancy.

Largest 25 owners’ cumulative market share of only 7% in ACC target markets. Few well capitalized Canada Goose Parka companies and/or proficient, specialized operators. ACC’s targeted market exposure of 10% Canada Goose Online of enrollment yields addressable potential of 610,000 beds, equivalent to six times the current portfolio size.

There is limited supply. In ACC markets, consistent levels of new supply are manageable, with little to no impact expected on https://www.thecanadagooseoutlet.com well located assets. The new supply landscape has remained consistent in ACC markets since the IPO, amounting to only 1.3% of enrollment each year, Canada Goose online on average.

At the current canada goose store rate of new supply, the obsolete alternate student housing stock is decades away from achieving modernization. Recent decline in supply growth is due to developer focus on pedestrian locations where fewer sites are available.

The Disciplined Balance Sheet During the first decade of growth as a public company and as the industry consolidator, American Campus undertook larger portfolio transactions and usually had to take a portion of assets that were not always consistent with its own market selection.

As such, it is ACC’s intent to monetize the outright sale or canada goose black friday sale joint venture, some of the value it has created over the years to fund new higher growth accretive opportunities, Canada Goose Jackets especially in the areas of owned development and the pre sale purchase of competitor’s developments.

ACC’s prior deleveraging activities in 2015 and 2016 were undertaken to balance and to execute upon the opportunities as they arose. ACC remains committed to using the most attractive sources of capital to maintain a balance sheet that allows the company to buy canada goose jacket cheap be opportunistic in executing its growth plan going forward, Canada Goose Outlet maintaining an upper leverage target of 35%.

The fruit studded slice was 27 years old at the time of

15 Fun Facts About Fruitcake

Loved or hated, but very rarely anything in between, fruitcake has long been the holiday season’s favorite neon dotted loaf, joke, and re gift. But in addition to being the baked good that never dies (literally there are a couple century old fruitcakes in existence), it has also traveled to space, become some towns’ claims to fame («Fruitcake Capital of the World,» Home of the «Great Fruitcake Toss»), and, somewhat recently, suddenly gave an 89 year old woman a brand new career.


The Romans mixed pine nuts, barley mash, pomegranate seeds, canada goose coats on sale raisins and honeyed wine and shaped it into a cake they called «satura.» Fittingly, the word satire a literary device the Romans invented is derived from the cake: a mix of many ingredients both sour and sweet, according to the New York Times.


It wasn’t until the 16th century that fruitcake really started to become a thing. In his Canada Goose Jackets 2002 article «A Short History of Fruitcake» for the Village Voice, Robert Sietsema blamed «the fruitcake plague» on inexpensive buy canada goose jacket cheap sugar that came to Europe from the colonies in the 1500s. «Some goon discovered that fruit could be preserved by soaking it in successively greater concentrations of sugar, intensifying color and flavor,» Sietsema wrote. «Having so much sugar laced fruit engendered the canada goose outlet need to dispose of it in some way thus the fruitcake. By the canada goose clearance early 19th century, the typical recipe was heavy as lead with citrus peel, pineapples, plums, dates, pears, and cherries.»


Sietsema might have been exaggerating just a bit when he compared fruitcake to lead. However, according to Harper’s cheap Canada Goose Index, the ratio of the density of the average fruitcake to the density of mahogany is 1:1.

Another fun Harper’s Index fruitcake fact: «Age, in years, of a piece of wedding fruitcake on display at the Grover Cleveland Birthplace, in Caldwell, New Jersey: 106.»

4. FRUITCAKE buy canada goose jacket HAS LONG BEEN A SPECIAL OCCASION FOOD canada goose replica FOR BRITISH ROYALTY.

Speaking of wedding fruitcake, in Victorian England it became all the rage. Fruitcake also became a mainstay at Christmas and other special occasions. For her own wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria served a single layer plum cake. She also supposedly waited an entire year to eat a slice of her birthday fruitcake in an effort to show (or, more like show off) restraint.

When Princess Diana married Charles, she also served a fruitcake, according to Alexia Nader in her Saveur article «Fruitcakes Piled High: A Brief History of Royal Wedding Cakes,» published the day before Kate Middleton canadagoosejacketsalesca and Prince William’s wedding. «Middleton and Prince William have been heralded as the royal couple that will bring the British monarchy into the 21st century,» Nader wrote, «so Canada Goose Parka the burden falls on them to bring canada goose coats the wedding cake tradition into contemporary times as well.» Apparently, Middleton’s reputed choice of fruitcake was «a clear nod to Diana’s wedding.»

A slice of that very fruitcake sold at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills earlier this month for a whopping $7500. Several years prior, the same auction house sold a slice of the Charles and canada goose clearance sale Di wedding cake for approximately $6000. The fruit studded slice was 27 years old at the time of purchase.


Fruitcake can age 25 years and still be eaten (and enjoyed), as long as it contains the proper preservatives and is Canada Goose sale stored in an airtight container, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

However, in a 1983 New York Times column titled «Fruitcake Is Forever,» Russell Baker claimed to be in possession of a fruitcake that a long dead relative had baked in 1794 as a Christmas gift for President George Washington. Washington allegedly sent it back with a note explaining that it was «unseemly for canadian goose jacket Presidents to accept gifts weighing more than 80 pounds, even though they were only eight inches in diameter.» Still, the most bizarre element of the story was yet to come: Baker and his relatives were still gathering each year to saw off a tiny morsel of the fruitcake that they would then divide and consume.


In December 1956, Capote published a short story in Mademoiselle magazine titled «A Christmas Memory» about two cousins the narrator, canada goose store a 7 year old referred to as «Buddy,» and the other a charmingly eccentric woman in her sixties. The story begins with the woman looking out the window and announcing one Canada Goose Online early winter morning, «Oh my, it’s fruitcake weather!» «A Christmas Memory» has become a cherished holiday tale, and is often included in Christmas story anthologies.

After determining that it’s fruitcake weather, the two cousins then gather the necessary ingredients: «cherries and citron, ginger and vanilla and canned Hawaiian pineapple, rinds and raisins and walnuts and whiskey and oh, so much flour, butter, so many eggs, spices, flavourings: why, we’ll need a pony to pull the buggy home.» Buddy then explains that they bake the fruitcakes for «friends. Not necessarily neighbor friends: indeed, the larger share are intended canada goose black friday sale for persons we’ve met maybe once, perhaps not at all.» The intended fruitcake recipients include some Baptist missionaries to Borneo who lectured in the cousins’ Alabama town the winter past, the driver of the 6 o’clock bus from Mobile, a California couple whose car broke down outside the cousins’ house one afternoon, and President Roosevelt.


In 1989, just a few short years after Johnny Carson’s infamous dis, Dena Klein wrote a lengthy article for the New York Times titled «Just in Time, a Defense of Fruitcake.» In it, she quotes Seth Greenberg, who worked in his family bakery, William Greenberg Jr. Desserts in Manhattan, as saying that the problem with fruitcake is not the cake itself but instead the too dry, sickeningly sweet neon fruit that too many bakers cram into them. Seth insisted that fruitcake made with only the best, properly treated ingredients brandy, glace cherries, apricots, figs and dates is heavenly.

In her 2006 Isthmus article «Stop making fun of fruitcake!» Erika Janik echoes Seth Greenberg: «Despite what you see in grocery stores, candied fruits in unnatural colors are not obligatory and should, in my opinion, be avoided. Naturally sweet, dried fruits are the key.»

And in Texas Monthly’s 2007 article «Bob McNutt’s Sticky Truths About Fruitcake,»

Bob McNutt, third generation president of the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, which had been selling its DeLuxe Fruitcakes Canada Goose online since 1896, compares the difference between bad fruitcake and delicious fruitcake to the difference between chuck and prime rib. «There’s not a standard of identity for fruitcake,» he said. «I mean, you can take anything a pound cake with a couple pieces of fruit thrown in and call it a fruitcake. It’s like steak: You can get a prime cut that just melts in your mouth or you can end up with shoe leather. There’s such a range.»


Though December gives a nod if not a bow to the fruitcake by distinguishing itself as «National Fruitcake Month,» it’s quickly followed by Fruitcake Toss Day on January 3rd. The town of Manitou Springs, Colorado, has become known for taking this day particularly seriously since it commenced its annual «Great Fruitcake Toss» in 1996.

Leslie Lewis, executive director of the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, told us that it all began when former chamber director Michele Carvell noticed that no one wanted to eat the fruitcakes they had been given over the holidays. canada goose deals «But people would also bring a nonperishable food item to donate because canada goose we wanted to offset the wasting of food,» Lewis said.

The event hasn’t taken place the past two years, according to Lewis, but Canada Goose Outlet there’s a local group that’s recently expressed an interest in starting it back up again. As clearly evidenced in the 2008 YouTube video above, it’s something the folks of Manitou Springs have turned out for in droves and with great gusto in years past. «People have built catapults, pneumatic cannons, all sorts of things,» Lewis said. «Or you can always just throw it.»


In 2012, NPR ran a storyabout how the small town of Claxton, Georgia home of two bakeries (Claxton Bakery and the Georgia Fruitcake Company) that each year yield more than 4 million pounds of fruitcake calls itself the Fruitcake Capital of the World, despite the same claim made by Corsicana, Texas (home to the aforementioned Collin Street Bakery and Bob McNutt). The disputed claim hasn’t stopped Claxton from declaring itself the «Fruitcake Capital of the World» on its water tower.

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«Everything from Canada Goose Jackets heavy Catholicism to

7 Things to Know About the Supermodel

Cara Delevingne recently opened up about her girlfriend, indie pop and rock musician St. Vincent, saying she is «in love» with canada goose canadagooseparks her and canada goose clearance feels canada goose clearance sale «so happy» canada goose coats with who she is these days.

The 22 year old British supermodel made her comments to Vogue while discussing her sexuality. canada goose deals St. Vincent, who has occasionally been photographed together with Delevingne, has not commented.

St. Vincent has been playing guitar since canada goose coats on sale she was a pre teen and toured with her aunt and canada goose black friday sale uncle, jazz musicians, when she was a teenager, The New York Times reported. She told The Guardian in 2014 that her job canada goose sale was to «to test the voltage of every outlet on stage so the gear didn’t explode and that there were fresh flowers canadian goose jacket on stage and in the dressing rooms.»

St. Vincent later attended the Berklee College of Canada Goose Coats On Sale Music and left after three years. She moved to New York to pursue a music career and worked several low paying jobs. She then moved back in with Canada Goose Online her parents in Dallas, where she joined the pop collective the Polyphonic Spree, The Los Angeles Times said.

3. She paid tribute to Arrested Development in her music

St. Vincent released canada goose store her debut album, «Marry Me,» in 2007. She named it after the recurring line that Alia Shawkat’s character Maeby F says on Arrested Development.

«You’re supposed to say it like my Canada Goose online old Jewish grandmother,» St. Club in canada goose replica 2007. «Like, ‘Marry cheap Canada Goose me!'»

4. Hmmm, «St. Club. «Everything from Canada Goose Jackets heavy Catholicism to followers of Indian spiritual masters to Unitarian universalists in one family. Though the family aspect was stronger than Canada Goose Parka any particular dogma.»

She told The Telegraph in 2014 that was she was raised Catholic but «wasn’t really buy canada goose jacket satisfied with those kinds of answers.»

5. Club. «I’m always afraid it’s going to be terrible news I don’t want to hear.»

6. She’s not into the melons

«Between you and me, I specify that there be no melon on the fruit spread,» she told LAist in 2007, when talking about backstage riders. «I’ve actually yet to receive a fruit spread, so this is rather irrelevant God help the cantaloupe that dare cross my path one day.»

7. She seldom talks about her love life, because it’s hard Canada Goose sale for her to have one

«I live an absolutely unconventional life where I travel 10 months a year, so it’s not always the easiest to hold a relationship together,» she told The Guardian. «I didn’t Canada Goose Outlet ever imagine my wedding day. Someday I’d like to have kids, but I don’t buy canada goose jacket cheap have that burning desire to.».

La Bibbia cristiana si diffuse nel vicino Oriente tra persone

articoli di autore esperto Gabriel Sawma all’articolo sfera Italian

Divorzio libanese islamico in tribunali degli Stati Uniti

Autore esperto: Gabriel Sawma Categoria: Legale

Gli uomini americani con origini libanesi possono viaggiare in Libano per ottenere rapidi divorzi. In tale situazione, l’uomo lascia canadian goose jacket la maggior parte delle sue Canada Goose Jackets propriet, bambini e moglie negli Stati Uniti. Ma potrebbe il divorzio ottenuto in tale maniera il diritto al riconoscimento e all’esecuzione degli Stati Uniti?

Divorzio islamico nello stato di buy canada goose jacket cheap New York

Autore esperto: Gabriel Sawma Categoria: Legale

I musulmani residenti nello stato di New York sono in una situazione di doppia quando si tratta di attuazione del diritto di famiglia. Da un lato, essi sono disciplinati dalla legge religiosa dell’Islam, conosciuta come la sharia islamica e d’altra parte, il diritto di famiglia laica dello stato di New York. Per i musulmani, il diritto di famiglia dell’Islam mandati che il matrimonio e canada goose black friday sale il divorzio tra i musulmani deve essere fatto secondo la sharia islamica, indipendentemente dal fatto se essi vivono in un paese islamico o secolare. Canada Goose online Decreti di divorzio civile ottenuti canada goose replica dai tribunali secolari non sono riconosciuti dalla sharia islamica.

Riconoscimento dei divorzi ind nello stato di New York

Autore esperto: Gabriel Sawma Categoria: Divorzio

Un decreto Canada Goose sale di divorzio ind ottenuto in India ai sensi dell’atto di matrimonio ind del 1955 pu o non pu essere riconosciuto e applicato nello stato di New York. Tale riconoscimento, quando succede, basato canada goose deals sul concetto di ‘cortesia’ nel diritto internazionale privato. La dottrina di cortesia una soluzione accettabile al problema della sia nel rispetto della sovranit territoriale dello stato in cui la sentenza straniera cerc di essere riconosciuta ed eseguita e il principio giuridico del diritto internazionale privato dove nessun sentenze avrebbe alcun effetto extraterritoriale di fuori dei paesi dove sono state emesse.

Leggi di divorzio donne islamiche in Egitto

Autore esperto: Gabriel Sawma Categoria: Legale

Sotto le regole della sharia islamica, il Canada Goose sale marito pu finire il suo matrimonio unilateralmente annunciando semplicemente le parole «Io divorziare da mia moglie» o «il divorzio » tre canada goose clearance sale volte. Egli non ha bisogno di giustificare la sua decisione, n spiegare qualsiasi ragione per il suo divorzio e mai bisogno di entrare in un’aula di tribunale per terminare il suo matrimonio. Donna musulmana egiziana tuttavia negata l’eguale diritto al divorzio. Sono intrappolati in matrimoni indesiderati o lasciati a chiedere l’elemosina per un divorzio che pu richiedere anni per ottenere e lasciare loro indigenti.

Divorzio musulmano iraniano negli Stati Uniti

Autore esperto: Gabriel Sawma Categoria: Divorzio

Uomini musulmani con passaporto canada goose coats on sale iraniano possono scegliere di tornare in Iran e ottenere un divorzio fast track in quel canada goose coats paese di affermando tre volte, «io divorzio mia moglie» in presenza di due testimoni maschi, mostrano la prova buy canada goose jacket del pagamento «mahr», registrare il divorzio in Iran, autenticare i documenti, tornare indietro negli Stati Uniti e canada goose clearance chiedere il riconoscimento e l’esecuzione del divorzio iraniano in Canada Goose Parka un tribunale di stato.

La situazione dei cristiani in Medio Canada Goose Outlet Oriente

In seguito all’invasione dell’Iraq e la rimozione di Saddam Hussein, la minoranza cristiana in quel paese perseguitata per le loro convinzioni religiose. Essi sono soggetti a omicidi, le chiese sono stati distrutti e un massiccio esodo verso i paesi vicini in corso. Questo articolo tratta lo status dei cristiani in Medio Oriente.

Papa Benedetto XVI e la reazione islamica

In una lezione accademica data dal Papa in https://www.cagooseclearance.com Germania, ha citato un imperatore bizantina del XIV secolo. Osservazioni del canada goose Papa brillavano una reazione in tutto il mondo da musulmani. Questo articolo gettare una luce sulla storia delle conquiste islamiche e il trattamento dei non musulmani sotto la legge islamica.

La Canada Goose Online lingua aramaica di Ges

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Aramaico una lingua semitica parlata dal popolo associato Mesopotamia nord occidentale. Esso fu la lingua ufficiale dell’assiro, babilonese e imperi persiani. Ha sostituito la lingua ebraica durante e dopo l’esilio babilonese. In un secondo momento, gli ebrei avevano a Canada Goose Coats On Sale tradurre il vecchio testamento in aramaico, in modo che la popolazione ebraica sar in grado di capire la Bibbia. Entrambe le versioni del Talmud sono stati scritti in aramaico. La Bibbia cristiana si diffuse nel vicino Oriente tra persone di lingua aramaica.

Il conflitto territoriale su fattorie di Sheb ‘ in Medio Oriente

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Il 12 luglio 2006, Hezbollah penetrato in Israele e rapito due soldati israeliani e ucciso molti altri. Israele si vendic e lanci un attacco che causa morte di Libano di civili e ingenti danni alle canada goose store infrastrutture del Libano. cheap Canada Goose Hisbullah chiede che Israele rilasciare prigionieri libanesi e abbandonare le fattorie di Sheb ‘ a Libano.

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5 Steps To Overcoming Sales Objections

Are you in sales? Outside sales? Inside canada goose black friday sale sales? In home sales? Internet sales? Networking canada goose sales? Everyone in some shape, form or fashion is in sales. Think about for a minute. You are always selling something. That my friends, is sales 101. There are always at least 2 parties involved. Sometimes more.

Objections are an integral part of selling. For every reason you can think of that your potential customer should own this or that product or service, they can think of at least one reason they shouldn’t. The wins are measured by how you turn that NO Canada Goose online into a YES. The question then becomes ‘How Do You Handle Sales Objections?’

Mastering these 5 steps cheap Canada Goose will help you canada goose store win more customers:

Step 1 Pause. As humans, we are programmed to attack when the objection occurs. We naturally want to immediately defend ourselves or our product. Our mind is Canada Goose Online programmed to protect you. Don’t do it. When you have presented your product or service and the objection surfaces, the first thing you should do is take a long 3 count and PAUSE. Pause and just wait for at least 3 counts. If you catch yourself Canada Goose Jackets wanting to immediately lash out, don’t do it.

Step 2 Listen. When you have canadian goose jacket made your presentation and the objection occurs, take the time to reflect on exactly what the customer is saying. Try to put yourself in his/her position as to Canada Goose Outlet why you are not in agreement. Listening takes Canada Goose Coats On Sale effort. Listening means not thinking about your rebuttal but tuning in entirely to what your prospects are saying.

Step 3 Cheap Canada Goose Ask Questions. Never assume you know exactly what your prospects canada goose deals are saying when the objection occurs. Always repeat the objection, and then ask follow up questions so you know exactly where the problem lies. Canada Goose sale You want to have a buy canada goose jacket cheap full understanding of what your prospects are saying and feeling.

Step 4 canada goose replica Respond. Always begin by saying you understand exactly your prospects concerns and you value their opinion. Then address the concern with the rebuttals that canadagooseoutleta you have rehearsed, pre programmed, studied, and believe that will eliminate your prospects concerns. You Canada Goose Parka firmly believe their issues will be solved. A high belief level creates passion in your product.

Step 5 Get Full Agreement. After you respond in step 4, get a confirmation from canada goose coats on sale the prospect that you have fully addressed their concerns. Make sure they are happy with your responses canada goose clearance and their concerns. If reservations canada goose clearance sale still exist by canada goose coats your prospect, back up and fully address their concerns again before moving forward. Find out what’s really bothering them, then address it. Then get full 100% agreement on the benefit to your prospect buy canada goose jacket.

«The idea is to spot reduce the glutes

10 Most Useless Exercise Machines

It a rare bird who loves hanging out at Canada Goose sale the gym. Most of us count the minutes until the workout over and we can get Canada Goose online on with our (way more fun) day. So the last thing buy canada goose jacket cheap we want to do is spend time using exercise machines that don do anything for us. Plus, they put you at risk too great a risk of injury, she says.

Swap out these 10 useless machines for more effective, expert recommended bodybuilding moves.

Why it’s useless: Your hamstrings perform two movements: knee flexion and hip extension. The leg curl machine works only knee flexion, which limits the benefits, says Muelrath.

What to do instead: Choose a machine or movement that works both hamstring functions at once, such as the fitness Canada Goose Coats On Sale ball hip raise and curl. To do: Lie on your back with legs straight, heels on the ball. Raise your hips Canada Goose Outlet by pressing your heels into the ball until your legs are canada goose straight. Keep your hips raised as you roll the ball in toward you by bending your knees. Continue rolling out and back towards you for 10 to 12 reps.

Why it’s useless: Endless side crunches on this pulley machine do nothing for reducing «love handles,» as many people believe. «It’s not only ineffective, but can put undue stress on the lower back,» says canada goose coats Muelrath.

What to do instead: Reducing excess canada goose black friday sale fat around the midsection requires a good sound nutrition plan (try this tasty 28 day meal plan) along with effective moves such as side planks. To do: Lie on your side with your canadian goose jacket forearm on the mat under your shoulder, and stack your upper leg directly on top of the canada goose clearance sale lower leg. Rise upward by straightening your body. Hold 20 to 60 seconds, then switch sides. Do three reps on each side. «The idea is to spot reduce the glutes, which isn’t going to happen.»

What to do instead: A better choice are squats, which use your own body weight. «Squats get the glutes as well as the hamstrings and are a much more productive exercise,» says Holland. To do: Stand with canada goose store feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms straight in front Canada Goose UK of you, parallel to the ground, or clasped behind your head. Keep head up as you bend at the knees and hips and lower into a squat position canada goose coats on sale until thighs are parallel to the ground (or as low as you can without lifting your heels). Pause and slowly raise back up to starting position. Repeat for two to three sets of 12 to 15 reps.

More from Prevention: 4 Amazing Butt Moves

Why it’s useless: This move targets the hip flexors, which are not involved in abdominal development, says Muelrath. «It also creates buy canada goose jacket a lot of stress on the spine.»

What to do instead: Target abdominal muscles by working to stabilize your body position with planks. To do: Lie facedown cheap Canada Goose on the floor and prop yourself up on your forearms; extend your legs behind you until your body is parallel to the floor. Engage your core by drawing your stomach back and up towards your spine and hold; start with 10 seconds and work your way up to 60 seconds for two to three reps. (See the move in motion with this quick video demonstration.)

Why it’s useless: The twisting motion of this machine is touted as a way to banish a «muffin top.» «This machine doesn’t activate the muscles in the correct way, and the potential for injury risk is Canada Goose Jackets high,» says Holland.

What to do instead: Try a standing cable rotation using rubber exercise tubing. To do: Stand in a slightly wider than shoulder width stance and grasp the handles of the pulley or tubing with both hands, your side toward the tubing attachment point, arms straight in front of you. Tighten your abdominal muscles and rotate your upper torso as you pull the tubing away from its origin. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Why it’s useless: The Smith machine, a multi purpose machine using a bar attached to a sliding sled, is used for upright canada goose replica rows. salecanadagooseoutlets But pulling the bar up and under the chin in this way compresses nerves in the shoulder area and can lead to inflammation, says Muelrath.

What to do instead: Strengthen the same muscles without the injury risk with canada goose clearance dumbbell front raises. To do: Hold onto dumbbells and stand with arms straight, palms facing your thighs. Alternately raise one dumbbell to shoulder height; pause and Canada Goose Parka lower. Repeat with other arm. Perform 10 to 12 reps each arm.

Why it’s useless: Sitting and extending legs out to a horizontal position is simply not functional, says Holland. «You canada goose deals never use this move in real life plus, it targets only the quadriceps.»

What to do instead: Choose an exercise that targets many leg muscles at once, such as lunges. To do: Stand with dumbbells or your hands on your hips. Step forward with your left foot, landing on the heel then forefoot and lowering yourself towards the floor. Both knees should be bent at a 45 degree angle. Return to original position by extending your Canada Goose Online left knee and hip. Alternate sides for 10 to 15 reps each leg. (Sore knees? Try these gentle knee saving exercises.)

Why it’s useless: The ab machine can be awkward at best, and injurious at worst, says Holland. «Users of different heights and fitness levels often have a difficult time activating their abdominal muscles correctly.»

What to do instead: Planks offer a much more natural alternative to build strength, says Holland. «Start with planks and work up to a stability ball roll out (with elbows on a fitness ball in plank position, push the ball away from you and back), both of which can be modified to the individual needs of the exerciser.».