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Until the mid 1990s, student housing was virtually ignored by

American Campus Communities

SummaryMany colleges and universities outsource their food services and bookstores, so outsourcing their student housing isn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem.

Campus Housing REITs provide a modern, purpose built product at comparable price points to obsolete existing product. creates significant cheap Canada Goose opportunity for campus housing REITs. Until the mid 1990s, student housing was virtually ignored by property developers, who failed to see the opportunities to replace traditional dorms built in the canada goose clearance sale 1950s to 1970s. According to Bill Bayless, CEO of (ACC):

«Most universities only provide housing for 20% of their students, traditionally freshmen. They force them out after that into off campus housing, often dilapidated buildings owned by absentee landlords.»

For campus housing REITs, like American Campus, modernization is opportunity. Many colleges and universities outsource their food services and bookstores, so outsourcing their student housing isn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem.

Campus Housing REITs provide a modern, purpose built product at comparable price points to obsolete existing product. Modernizing student housing has mostly taken the form of canada goose clearance new development, although some markets have buildings that can be renovated to meet student needs. As Bayless explains:

«Student housing isn’t just about real estate, it’s about creating an environment for academic achievement.»

College students appreciate living in an impeccably maintained class A community Canada Goose Outlet and they respond positively to management’s organized alcohol free events and zero tolerance policies for property damage. While some investors have expressed concern that rising tuition costs and the availability of online education could slow demand for new student housing, developers maintain that those issues are not having an impact.

At four year public universities, 40% of students graduate with no debt, and of those graduating with debt, the average student loan balance is only $26,800. The annual average in state tuition costs at canada goose replica the 61 public universities served by American Campus is $10,000 and student loan default rates remain low, at less than half of levels from two decades ago.

When I was in college many buy canada goose jacket moons ago I lived in a cinderblock dorm room with three roommates and a communal bathroom. It was a lot like «Animal House» in that there were no campus life amenities, and my sole luxury accommodation was having cable TV.

Today, college housing is canada goose coats on sale like living in a four star hotel with resort style swimming pools, tanning salons, fitness centers, canada goose sand volleyball courts, fire pits, cafes with wood burning fireplaces, and bedrooms with walk in closets and private baths. I just dropped off my daughter (as sophomore at Presbyterian College) and I told her,

«College Is Cool, It’s No Longer Old School.»

Photo Credit

American Campus «Consolidator» has capitalized on the opportunities in the industry, with over $9 billion of external growth since its IPO. It is the largest campus housing REIT (since 2008) in the US, and the company owns 168 student housing properties containing approximately 103,000 beds. Since its IPO in 2005, Canada Goose Coats On Sale ACC has grown from 16 to 168 properties, while generating average annual same store NOI growth of 4.2%.

The growth in the specialty campus housing sector is canada goose coats driven by strong demographic trends primarily college enrollment trends. Between 2009 and 2020, college enrollment is projected to increase by 13% to canadian goose jacket approximately 23 million students.

The strong demand for campus housing is driven by an increase in the number of students attending college and the fact that many college students take longer than four years to finish college. ACC’s current market share is Canada Goose sale 5%, suggesting the company has substantial opportunity to grow the platform. The company has achieved 12 consecutive years of internal growth in same store rental rate, rental revenue, and NOI:

American Campus’s risk adjusted same store NOI growth is the highest among both the student housing and apartment sector peers since going public:

American Campus’s Tier 1 canada goose deals markets provide stability and opportunity for growth through modernization. Its target market composition is as follows:

4 year public flagship institutions with enrollment exceeding 15,000 students. Addressable market of approximately 6.1 million students at 255 schools. The markets exhibit consistent annual enrollment growth of 1 2% and an insufficient supply base.

Student housing is highly fragmented and still in its infancy.

Largest 25 owners’ cumulative market share of only 7% in ACC target markets. Few well capitalized Canada Goose Parka companies and/or proficient, specialized operators. ACC’s targeted market exposure of 10% Canada Goose Online of enrollment yields addressable potential of 610,000 beds, equivalent to six times the current portfolio size.

There is limited supply. In ACC markets, consistent levels of new supply are manageable, with little to no impact expected on https://www.thecanadagooseoutlet.com well located assets. The new supply landscape has remained consistent in ACC markets since the IPO, amounting to only 1.3% of enrollment each year, Canada Goose online on average.

At the current canada goose store rate of new supply, the obsolete alternate student housing stock is decades away from achieving modernization. Recent decline in supply growth is due to developer focus on pedestrian locations where fewer sites are available.

The Disciplined Balance Sheet During the first decade of growth as a public company and as the industry consolidator, American Campus undertook larger portfolio transactions and usually had to take a portion of assets that were not always consistent with its own market selection.

As such, it is ACC’s intent to monetize the outright sale or canada goose black friday sale joint venture, some of the value it has created over the years to fund new higher growth accretive opportunities, Canada Goose Jackets especially in the areas of owned development and the pre sale purchase of competitor’s developments.

ACC’s prior deleveraging activities in 2015 and 2016 were undertaken to balance and to execute upon the opportunities as they arose. ACC remains committed to using the most attractive sources of capital to maintain a balance sheet that allows the company to buy canada goose jacket cheap be opportunistic in executing its growth plan going forward, Canada Goose Outlet maintaining an upper leverage target of 35%.